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Native American style flutes by Laughing Crow (Richard Maynard)

Flutes in the Native American Style created by a musician for the musician.


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Hi Folks. Here are some more of the testimonials sent in after my customers received their flutes or CDs.

Hi Richard,
I received the F# Eastern Aromatic cedar flute yesterday. I was expecting a concert tuned flute that was a work of art with a voice and range that would blow me away.

Well...you exceeded my expectations! When I took the flute out of the bag, it took my breath away. The sweet voice and range of this flute is awesome!

 I own flutes made by Brent Haines, Ed Hrebec and Gary Kuhl  and let me say, for the money, your flute beats them all! (please don't raise your prices :) although you could)

My next purchase is going to be a drone flute ,I'm not sure what key I want yet, but I am sure of this, it will be a Laughing Crow flute!

Thank-you Richard,

Paul from Massachusetts

WOW and AWESOME is all I can say. Your flute is the only flute in my collection I can really lay down some blues riffs on. The notes bend with ease.
Way to cool. Last night I was jammin on your flute like crazy, my wife came in the room and told me "Go to the garage. It sounds good but you are driving me bananas!" That's cool to I have a flute that drives my wife bananas. Bottom line Richard Thank you for an excellent flute.
Marcus Dyess (DyessFlutes) http://www.dyessflutes.com/


Hi Richard - I just have to have that tiger maple / claro walnut flute so I have just ordered it online.  I also ordered a burl maple eagle fetish, but it is not for that flute (I wouldn't change a thing on that one), I want to add it to my rosewood flute so please just include it separately when you ship the flute.
I have had an epiphany on this trip and am certain that this year will be a major step in my flute journey.  I have found that rather than focusing on the technical aspects of playing, if instead I focus on what or who I am playing for and let the feeling flow through me it makes a dramatic difference.  Also, I find that new flute melodies are frequently popping into my head now, when previously I have never composed any music of my own. 
There are certainly a bunch of wonderful and no doubt accomplished flute makers out there, and I gave some thought to having several flutes from different makers.  But not only is it always a bit dicey choosing something from just an online representation.....but I really like your flutes.  They play and feel right to me, and it seems that having several flutes that feel and play similarly would be perhaps easier than switching between a number of different styles.  Having met you, it's also obvious that you are as much a musician as an accomplished flutemaker, and I'm sure that's not always the case.  I find that I prefer the crisper and more resonent sound that some of the harder woods yield to the softer and fuzzier western red cedar.  And I very much admire and appreciate some of the fantastic things you are doing with combining different woods in such dramatic ways to create wonderful instruments that are also such true pieces of art.
Up until recently I have really just been dabbling at playing and am very much a beginner.  But after discovering what I think is the key to take my playing to a much higher level, I am really excited to be able to own and play several of your truly unique and special instruments.  I know that I will treasure and enjoy them forever - thank you for being such a true artist and craftsman. 
David Murphy


I picked up my flute today, the birds-eye maple drone. It arrived in perfect
condition. Thanks!

You know, it's not very often where something inspires you to the point that
all you can say, over and over again, is "wow!". What an incredibly
beautiful flute. Your phrase "musical works of art" fits perfectly. It's
equally enjoyable to play, ask my neighbors, I haven't stopped since taking
it out of the box! I particularly like the way you've crafted the mouth
piece. I was concerned that it would be difficult to control the dynamics of
air to the second chamber but your design makes this all very natural.

I really can't thank you enough. Perhaps the only way I may, is by sharing
the gift of your art with others!

I hope the joy your instruments bring to others does more than peek through
from time to time. I think that they don't stop giving from the moment they
leave your hands (and probably long before!)

Music of any kind elevates the soul, but playing music, even more so. In my
limited experience, playing a wind-blown instrument bonds the player with the
instrument, with the music and with the spirit like nothing else (OK, I don't
play drums, they could be an exception).

I have a couple of wonderful flutes. A crow flute from Odell Borg in F# and
a bass C flute in cedar from Colin Peterson. They each play so sweetly, and
they are well made and beautiful. But this flute... this birds-eye maple
drone from Laughing Crow, well, wow! It's easily the finest flute I've ever

I'm extremely fortunate to touch the culture that has borne these
instruments. And I greatly appreciate that you've not only kept this
tradition alive for future generations, but that you've elevated this craft
to such a high degree of art and function. You inspire me to do more in my
life and career to bring joy to other people. Thank you, thank you, thank

If you'd like to use any of my words in any way, I'd be honored.

And if you ever want to peek into that joy, just close your eyes and sit
quietly. I think you'll hear us all out there making glorious, if not always
so beautiful, music.

My deepest gratitude,


Hi Richard,

  Thank you very much for the flute (Eastern Aromatic Cedar F#) you have made me, it was made to perfection and arrived oh so quickly.  I can't thank you enough for the sound it produces as I play it, oh and the over all feel and look is amazing, this is art in itself.  Much appreciation for your work, and much kindness.  Thank you again, and happy holidays!


Hello Mr. Maynard,
     I am Yonah Two Bears. I believe you and my dad (Eric Two Bears) have been communicating ever since he purchased a flute for me. I really enjoy the flute. I used it in a performance at Church on Christmas eve and was able to touch a lot of people's hearts with the instrument you made. Being Native American, I have grown up hearing the peaceful melodies of the native flute and know a good quality flute when I hear it. The flute I received is in the key of E and not only sounds beautiful but is very well crafted. I just wanted to thank you for the flute and to let you know how great my new flute sounded on stage in front of about 900 people on Christmas eve.
Also, I attached a song I composed and recorded for a CD my dad and I are making. I used your flute in this song. It sounds like there are two people playing at once but I just recorded two tracks of harmony, so they are both me. Please let me know what you think of it. I also used the wireless microphone you sent to record the songs on my cd, It works great. Thanks.

I arrived home today from a short trip to find the package on my
doorstep. Thank you for such quick service. Of course I had to spend
some time playing the new acquisition. I found that my practice on the
larger Dm really helped me here. I have a short performance in about 3
weeks where I intend to include a brief piece using the Am flute (oh,
what an incentive to  practice!!!).   Of course the workmanship is
superb. I will have both flutes out and displayed in my "music
room"/office. The Dm has always generated very positive comments from
guests/visitors just because they view it as art regardless of its
musical qualities (which are superb).

Thanks again,

Larry T.

Got the flute yesterday.  Thanks for shipping it so fast.  I'm amazed at how lightweight and sonorous it is.  You may be interested to know that a big flock of crows converged for a short time next to my house yesterday, no joke.  Keep up the good work-
Lee G.

Hi Richard, I received my beautiful flute today. I cannot put into adequate
words what the sound means to me. It is magical! Also what skillful
construction, truly a masterpiece. Thank you so much.
Blessings, Jenny

Hello Richard (Laughing Crow),
It has been a year since I bought my two flutes from you. I got your Bear in Dm and an F#. I did not know how to play the flute before I bought mine, so I got the book and CD "Understanding the Gift". It taught me how to play and I love it! I can actually play pretty well now :-). My Flutes bring me such peace and tranquility and uplift my Spirit. I have met three local flute makers and all of them were so impressed with your work. "This guy really knows his stuff", "This guy is a master craftsman" etc. Two have actually changed the way they do the sound box and fetish because your design is so good. I was invited to join the "Cascadia Flute Circle" here in Oregon and played my flutes at our Powwow. The most common comment I get after some ones plays one of my flutes is "WOW, This is the most magical flute I've ever played". I think so too :-). I can honestly say that you are the best flute maker I've come across! I recently bought a  E Drone form a local flute maker. He is a Master Carver and his Flutes are beautiful works of art. Mine is an Eagle. It is a nice flute... but heavy. It has a sweet voice but does not sing out the way your flutes do. I definitely want to get a Drone from you. I love my D flute and really want a D Drone. I can manage the size :-). I will probably want a customer made one from you if you are willing. The past year has given me a skill that I will take with me the rest of my life. My Roommate and I have five flutes now. I want to buy her one of yours. She loves the bass flutes. Her reach is 6feet from finger tip to finger tip and she has not found a bass flute that she cannot play. I am so envious... I just don't have the reach to play them but I love the sound! She loves your ABM.  So I just wanted to say thank you! Hey, congrats on getting your Earth Ship up and running... Gaia loves you!
I have worn out all three CD's of your music, lol. In fact I am listening to "Aeolian Dreams" right now. Emergence is my favorite! Anyway, Keep up the beautiful work and I'll talk to you soon.

Fly High, Seek Peace, Breath Deep,
Kriss B. (Abalone Shell Woman)

Hi Richard, I received the flute yesterday. It is beautiful a true work of art. The sound quality is grand. And as you stated easy to blow even for a beginner as myself. Your craftsmanship is outstanding. I couldn't be more satisfied. I look forward to the arrival of the Gm flute.  Thanks, Gary

From the UK:

Hi Richard
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Its wonderful, I can't wait till Christmas day to see his face when he opens it. Thank you so much
Happy Holidays
Alison :)

Hi, Richard.

I received my flute a half and hour or so ago...I would have written
immediately, but I couldn't put it down.

As you know, I learned the fingerings on a friend's student flute. Being a
professional musician, I know what a difference a quality instrument can
make - but this is unbelievable. This flute responds far more easily to my
vibrato. It's easier to play in tune. It's possible to fall off the pitch
(something I couldn't do consistently on my friend's instrument). The
quality of the sound is fantastic.

I can hardly believe it's me playing it.

You are a craftsman and an artist. Thank you so very much. And thank you for
the surprise. I will enjoy hearing you play at least as much as I will enjoy
learning on this instrument.



Hi Richard. I have now had my LC cedar F# flute for a few days and cannot
tell you how very much I am enjoying it. I already had a walnut G from
another maker but I doubt that it will ever get played again. Yours is so
simple and so enchanting!!!!

Thank you so very much for this precious gift you have created from Mother Earth. I have received the flute you created and it is a blessing. The Peace this brings is truly a gift. My children are so excited to play it and I have found my quiet time will share the flute as well. Thank you!

Blessed BE~
rainbow moon

Laughing Crow,

Thank you. I received the flute you made for me. I am playing it and it
sounds great. I have musical experience from playing guitar for the last 20
years, so it comes quite easily to play this great flute. I have always been
a admirer of Carlos Nakai and I have already figured out a few of his
Four years ago, I lost my voice due to RRP disease, (Recurrent Respiratory
Papillomatosis). It is basically a disease that attacks the vocal cords and
these aggressive tumors block my airway and have taken my voice away. I have
a faint whisper and I have had multiple surgeries. My life has changed
without a voice. This flute gives me inspiration and I can now create a new
voice, so to speak!
I play melodies to heal myself and keep my spirit strong. I am thankful to
you. From my heart, your gift is appreciated and I will remember you always.

Your friend,


Also thought you might find this interesting.......I just completed 7 weeks of radiation treatment during which my blood pressure went up. The doctors said the treatments couldn't be the cause but my BP has always been good and I definitely believe radiation is a stress on the body. Yesterday my BP was 152/101 but in the evening, after playing my wonderful LC flute, it was only 117/82!!

 Thank you, thank you. Sherry

Hi Richard,
Received flute this week, great looking flute also sounds brilliant.
Thank you for the great service ,was first class you will always be highly
will cherish this flute forever.
many thanks
Steve ( England )

Thank you so much for the wonderful flute. I love the
voice and she has such a beautiful response and volume.
She has easily and quickly become a very valued part of
my musicality. I feel that I have been blessed by you
with the beautiful instrument to allow me to better
express myself musically and spiritually.

Thanks again for your work and the heart that you put
into it.


"It has the sweetest tone I have ever heard, I can't believe that it sounds sooooooo good" Lee from Irving TX.

"The tone and quality of the flutes are awesome. I like the wood so much, that cedar has such a sweet mystical fragrance and colour. They will always be respected for the wood and the intent that went into making them" George G., London, England.

The birds eye flute is over the top!  she sounds wonderful! Thank you! A.K. New Canaan, CT

Hi Richard, just to let you know that my Flute arrived this morning, and I am really, really pleased. When I opened the parcel it was much nicer than I had expected and honestly thought you had sent me the wrong Flute! It sounds and looks great. Thank you very much. It really is a pleasure to deal with someone over the internet whom you can trust, and I'm now looking forward to the mic arriving.
Kind Regards
Coral (From the U.K.)

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was when I received the Bear in D. It is really beautiful and I was especially pleased that the lighter cedar color showed on the majority of the flute...in my opinion, it really added to it's beauty. Thanks again for such a great instrument!" Clare in Chelmsford, MA

"Hi Laughing Crow, I'm really enjoying the F# I bought from you and want the companion in G. I've tried a wide variety of NA flutes and like several. The attraction and playing comfort of yours beats all of them for a natural instrument in my hands. Your flutes are beginning to sound even better the more I get the chance to listen to and play other flutes."  Jim T. Dayton, OH

"I'm enjoying your CD Quemado Rain. I'm in east Texas and it's thundering with
a light rain fall. My windows are open and the song birds are rejoicing. It's
the perfect Mother's Day gift from God. I thank you." Mary H.

"Hi Richard. Just wanted to let you know that I received my flute today. In
perfect condition and in perfect sound!! Thank you so much. My friend Joe
(who purchased an F# from you recently) and I plan to join our "voices" thru
your beautiful instruments. Thanks for sharing your love of the Native
American flute and culture." Sherry (From Australia)

"I really enjoy playing "your" flute. I don't need instructions, I don't have
to read notes. It's just a matter of feeling. And what is also important to
me: playing this kind of flute means to be connected to nature like the
Native Americans wee.
Bye for now."

"Thank you very much for the flute you made for me which arrived early. It is
a work of art and I am proud to own it." Joe

"Hello Richard,

The drone flute arrived this afternoon, and she is magnificent. The flute
feels just right in my hands and produces a sweet, but haunting, voice.

Thanks for doing a wonderful job! I need to sign off so I can go have fun
with the flute..."


(Something a dear friend of mine wrote to me that  brings it all home)

I've noticed that when I'm depressed, there's no music going in the house.  It's like my heart goes silent.  But that day I heard your beautiful flute music, it became my ray of sunlight.  It pierced my darkness and drew me towards it. The plaintive cry of the Native flute brings the sadness out; it cries out the pain that we couldn't cry out on our own.  One blows softly and has to finger the instrument delicately to produce the blissful sounds that lead to healing.   Diana


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