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Native American style flutes by Laughing Crow (Richard Maynard)

Flutes in the Native American Style created by a musician for the musician.


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Redwood is a traditional wood for tribes on the West Coast. Redwood is fairly easy to obtain here in Arizona and New Mexico where I live. This means that I have good choices when I go to the lumber yard and that translates into exceptional, affordable wood for your instrument. Redwood has a warm, clear tone, similar to that Western Red Cedar. Since there's little waste with Redwood and it's also easy to work and readily available, I can keep the price of these flutes within reach of customers who may be watching their budgets more closely.

Redwood is used in situations that require stability in harsh environments. It is used for fences, foundations and other applications that demand a wood that is water resistant and impervious to the elements. This means it's durable and will not suffer from moisture that is generated while playing. It is also a soft and resonant wood that is perfect for the Native American or Indian flute. With all these attributes, Redwood is perfect for creating a wonderful sounding instrument that will last more than a lifetime and will give you the tone, playability and beauty that you want from your Native American flute.

Since you're purchasing directly from the master flute maker, Laughing Crow, I can give you a price that the others cannot or will not give. The middle men have to pay for their flutes, so you pay two prices for them. Some of the sellers are purveying flutes that are "made to specification" but actually manufactured in other countries. Remember what Barack Obama said about keeping jobs here in America? Well, if you're buying from some of the distributors, you're sending your hard earned dollars out to China, Afghanistan or who knows where. I can offer you these professional instruments at a true discount and your money stays in America and supports someone who insists on also "Buying American".

All that being said, I invite you to check out my Redwood flutes. These flutes had previously only been offered only at "live" shows and not on the web site. I am now making them available on the Internet for you.  Below, I have a photo of a typical Redwood flute. The color and grain can vary between the flutes. However, I make it a point to keep the wood interesting. Whenever picking through the stacks of lumber I find the best wood in the lumber yard in order to keep the flutes interesting and beautiful. The lighter colored wood is the sapwood and the darker red wood is the heartwood. Some flutes will have more red heartwood than others, however, I make sure that they all are beautiful, excellent musical instruments. The softer Redwood has a marvelous resonance which lends itself perfectly to the soothing tones of the Indian flute. Peruse the photos and check out the link to the sound samples below. When you're ready, click on the "Add to Cart" button and I'll get one off to you ASAP. Thanks for stopping by Laughing Crow Flutes!

Click here to listen to a sample of the Laughing Crow Redwood flute in F#m.

Click here to listen to a sample of the Laughing Crow Redwood flute in F#m.

Each Laughing Crow Redwood flute is graced with a turquoise cabochon and finished with four coats of acrylic polyurethane. Ordinarily a very soft wood, this finish strengthens the wood and makes it more durable as well as waterproof. The finish also protects the wood from UV rays which will cause the beauty to fade rapidly unless otherwise protected. I have meticulously tuned these flutes to the concert pitch of F sharp minor. This means that you can play along with other instruments and be in tune with them. The flute pictured is an example of how the Redwood flutes appear. Yours will probably be slightly different. However, be assured that I hand pick the lumber that these instruments are created from and use only the most beautiful and perfect wood that I can find.

I am confident that you will be not only more than satisfied with the tone from my Native American style Redwood flutes, I also know that this flute will stand head and shoulders above anything comparably priced. The tone is better, in my humble opinion, than that of some flutes costing hundreds more. This flute is made with the same precision, voicing, tuning and care that I give to all my flutes. This, my friend, is a great value. Take advantage of the times and get yourself a professional quality Laughing Crow flute that you will be happy to play for a lifetime. (Also available in Gm & Am)

 Order the F#m Laughing Crow Redwood Flute Price: $145.00
 Order the Gm Laughing Crow Redwood Flute Price: $145.00
 Order the Am Laughing Crow Redwood Flute Price: $145.00
Every Laughing Crow flute comes with a complimentary felt carrying case. If you're just starting out or feel you're "in a rut" you might want to check out "Understanding the Gift" by John Vames, the best book on the planet for learning the Native American Flute.

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