Navajo Flutes by Jonah Thompson

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Native American style flutes by Laughing Crow (Richard Maynard)

Flutes in the Native American Style created by a musician for the musician.


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Genuine Navajo Flutes by Jonah Thompson

Just In! A new bunch of Jonah Thompson Flutes! I have some of the most popular J.T. flutes in stock, now. The ones that are available are marked In Stock.

If you don't find what you're looking for here, I am also now carrying a new line of affordable Native American style flutes. There are more choices, more keys, good quality, excellent prices and they are available now. Here's a link to these flutes: Also, don't forget I make some of the best quality Native American style flutes available.

I'm pleased to offer these genuine Native American flutes which are handcrafted by Navajo flute maker, Jonah Thompson.  Jonah is Dine and grew up on the Navajo Reservation in Kayenta, Arizona. He was taught flute making by his uncle. I have owned a J.T. flute since first beginning my flute journey. These flutes play well and are very affordable. They are all six hole flutes. The length of the Am "critter" flute is approximately 18". The length of the Cedar Flute in F#m is approximately 21". The outside diameter is approximately 1 3/8".  The A-minor is a good flute for smaller hands, but not too small for average to large hands, either. The key of F#m is the most popular key for the N.A.F. The key of Am is, in my humble opinion, the second or third most popular key for the N.A.F. If you're looking for a great starter flute, look no further. This flute also works for the pros. Paul Lawler, an outstanding composer and musician who lives in the U.K. and has credentials to spare, purchased one from me and uses it in his recordings. You may hear him playing his J.T. Am Eagle flute someday on a BBC broadcast. Each flute comes with an instruction book written by Jonah. (Shades of finish may vary. If you desire a particular shade, please e-mail me with your request ( and I'll do my best to fulfill it. Am stands for the key of A-minor.)

The first seven examples are in the key of Am. See the F#m Cedar Flute at the bottom of the page.  Click the flute to hear an example of the J.T. sound. If your computer will not play the link on the photos, here is the MP3 file for Am flutes. See shipping note if you're ordering from outside the USA.

For a perfect combination, the method book "Understanding the Gift" comes with an instructional CD which uses a Native American Flute in Am. This is the same key as the J.T. Am flute. The combination of this book and flute is a great way to get started playing the Native American flute. You and the teacher, John Vames, are on the same page with the same keyed flutes. With the Jonah Thompson Am "critter" flute, you get a genuine, Native made sugar pine flute created by Jonah Thompson. Not an imitation from China or Pakistan. Yes, believe me, they are out there. The Am flute features a hand carved totem and a feather. The book, "Understanding the Gift" is written by a career music instructor and fellow "flutie". It is the best book on the planet as far as I'm concerned. Together, the two are a perfect combination as you will be playing the same notes as the instructor with a quality Native American flute. Why not get started right away with a wonderful, authentic Native American flute and it's perfect companion book?

 Don't forget to order your Flute Bag Sold Separately ($5.00)

 Purchase the Jonah Thompson Am No Preference for Totem Flute In Stock   $59.95

Purchase the Jonah Thompson Am Eagle Flute Out of Stock  $59.95

Purchase the Jonah Thompson Am Mountain Lion Flute In Stock  $59.95

Jonah Thompson Flute

Purchase the Jonah Thompson Am Ram Flute In Stock   $59.95

Purchase the Jonah Thompson Am Wolf Flute In Stock   $59.95

Purchase the Jonah Thompson Am Pony Flute In Stock  $59.95

Purchase the Jonah Thompson Am Bison Flute In Stock  $59.95

Purchase the Jonah Thompson Am Bear Flute In Stock  $59.95

Purchase the Jonah Thompson Am Turtle Flute In Stock   $59.95
Although the Jonah Thompson flutes come with a pamphlet containing instructions written by Jonah, the method book, "Understanding the Gift" by John Vames, is a valuable resource which teaches all the techniques needed to obtain the styles of playing you hear the professional musicians using on their CDs. The book also comes with an instructional CD which accompanies the lessons to further explain as well as PLAY the lessons. This book makes it all crystal clear to the student. One other bonus is that John Vames is using an Am flute to teach with. The flute he uses is the same pitch as the animal totem flutes that you see pictured above. If you really want a complete learning tool that teaches everything the student needs to know from finger placement to breath control to embellishments to reading Nakai Tablature, you should seriously consider obtaining this book to go with your J.T. flute.
Purchase "Understanding the Gift" Flute $29.95
Order Felt Flute Bag  $5.00 

Below you see the F#m flute in Eastern Aromatic Cedar by Navajo flute maker, Jonah Thompson. The quality of sound for the price is astonishing. Click the flute to hear it. If your computer will not play the link on the photo here is the MP3 File for F#m flute.

Don't forget to order your Flute Bag Sold Separately ($5.00)

Purchase the Jonah Thompson F# Eastern Aromatic Cedar Flute Flute  Out of Stock $99.00

You asked for it, you got it! Now in stock, JT Cedar F#m Animal Totem flutes. Choices of totems and ordering info below. Same sweet tone, but now with your choice of your favorite totems.

Purchase the Jonah Thompson F# Eastern Aromatic Cedar BEAR Flute Flute Out of Stock  $119.00
Purchase the Jonah Thompson F# Eastern Aromatic Cedar BISON Flute Flute Out of Stock $119.00  
Purchase the Jonah Thompson F# Eastern Aromatic Cedar EAGLE Flute Flute  Out of Stock $119.00  
Purchase the Jonah Thompson F# Eastern Aromatic Cedar MOUNTAIN LION Flute Flute Out of Stock  $119.00

Purchase the Jonah Thompson F# Eastern Aromatic Cedar PONY Flute Flute Out of Stock  $119.00
Purchase the Jonah Thompson F# Eastern Aromatic Cedar TURTLE Flute Flute Out of Stock  $119.00
Purchase the Jonah Thompson F# Eastern Aromatic Cedar WOLF Flute Flute  Out of Stock  $119.00
Purchase the Jonah Thompson F# Eastern Aromatic Cedar RAM Flute Flute Out of Stock  $119.00
Purchase Understanding the Gift  $29.95 
Order Felt Flute Bag  $5.00
The Jonah Thompson flutes all come with Jonah's little instruction pamphlet which contains brief instructions on how to play both in the fundamental keys of Am and F#m as well as the relative keys of C-major (with the Am flute) and A-major (with the F#m flute) along with a handful of songs. However, if you're really looking for the best instructions for ALL aspects of playing the Native American flute including, how to hold your fingers, embouchure, embellishments, vibrato, how to read music along with all the common scales, songs to play and much, much more, I highly recommend "Understanding the Gift" by John Vames. This book comes with a CD in which John himself explains the lessons and plays the lessons for you. John is a highly experienced music educator who taught and played professionally for decades. If you really want to get started on the right foot, "Understanding the Gift" is by far the best route to take.


I want to let you know that I've had my Jonah Thomson Am turtle flute for several months now and it has become my favorite to just pick up and play a quick tune.  I've been playing a lot of Mary Youngblood songs and they really sound good on this flute.  On most songs it sounds as good as my other flutes costing several times the price... and it is easier to play.  Thanks for making these available.

Peace be with you.


(Testimonial from a happy owner of a J.T. Am flute in Australia)

Hello Richard,
Thanks for the little Navajo flute...I like it very much.
It's great to have a "concert" flute and a "bush" flute...particularly so one can see, feel and hear the difference.
I am enjoying my playing. Tonight, with didgeridoo and chanting, three of us are presenting a small piece at a full moon meditation with your drone flute as the highlight.
We have practised hard and it all sounds just too good to be true.
Thank you.
Kind regards,


Dear Richard at Laughing Crow Flutes,

Words cannot fully express my deep appreciation for the F#m cedar flute by Jonah Thompson which I purchased from you.  The tone is exquisite and produces some of the most beautiful notes I have heard on any other flute I have tried before.  I have already composed my first melody, which I will keep personal.  I will start saving my pennies now for one of YOUR flutes.  Hopefully, you will be able to suggest one for me at that time, for I would fully trust your choice.  Finally, I would like to offer my deepest gratitude and echo my Grandfather's words: "Pilamaya mielo!", which is Lakota for "I am deeply thanking you".
Yours truly,
Tac'a An'petui (Sun Deer) 

Hi Richard

Just thought I'd let you know the flute (J.T. Am) is working out
great. I've already included it in a new track along
with the new Low A flute I bought. Its on my Myspace
page if you get chance to have a listen, its called
'Cloud Walker'

Thanks again !


Paul Lawler Music Ltd
Music for Film,Tv&Games  (direct Showreel link)


Dear Laughing Crow!

WOW!  I was very excited to order my Jonah Thompson flute, but had no idea it would come so quickly!!  The flute is even more beautiful than pictured on your website, and the sound (at least to my novice ears) is exquisite!
I look forward to doing further business with you as my skills in the NAF grow and blossom, and as I get the "itch" to add to my flute collection.
Thank you, and many Blessings to you!
Scott Tignor, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner
Nizhoni Massage Therapy

Laughing Crow,

     Thank you so much for the beautiful flute! I have never had any musical training at all, and I'm finding it very easy to play. I recommend to anyone like myself with no training to buy the book, Understanding The Gift like I did. It has been a great learning tool.
     The sound is wonderful.  I'm looking forward to mastering this one so I can add to my collection! :)
     This flute is just what I needed. The sounds make everyone feel happy. It fills everyone's hearts to hear it. Thank you so much again. I love it!
Traci, Minnesota

Hello Richard,

I received your flute and it really makes a great practice flute! Very nice! It's also small enough to carry in a bag.

I have a 5 hole flute and was looking for a six hole. There are so many beautiful flutes out there, but for a beginner; like me, this flute is perfect. It's very well made for the price and I also enjoy holding it.

Thanks again & peace be with you.


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