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Native American style flutes by Laughing Crow (Richard Maynard)

Flutes in the Native American Style created by a musician for the musician.


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Have you ever heard one of these? The sound is Incredible! It's like having your own choir. This flute plays two notes at the same time. Actually, you can control whether you play one or both. You can see a photo of the mouthpiece style at the bottom of this page. One side of the flute (the one with all the holes) plays the melody while the other side plays a constant note which is the tonic, or fundamental, of the scale. This note harmonizes with all the other notes on this flute to create the most amazing sound. Left-Handed versions available at no extra charge. Call to request, 888-778-3688. Click on any of the flutes to get more details.

HI, I just wanted to say thanks for the flute.  It is so beautiful and the sound...wow!

Dm Bird's Eye Drone featuring new improved design.




Bird's Eye Drone with Double Inlay

The Bubinga Drone with no inlay (above) is available in F#m & Gm and Em. Bubinga is an African Rosewood. No color is added to this (or any of my) wood  Bubinga is naturally this beautiful. There is nothing else like it. It is a hard, heavy wood and has a brilliant timbre. I use a clear, colorless polyurethane for this flute.  (Click here or on the photo of the Bubinga Drone to see more detail.)

Bubinga Drone with Double Inlay

Lacewood Drones

MP3 file for F#m Drone  MP3 file for Em Drone  MP3 file for Dm Drone

Above you see a Curly Bird's Eye Maple Drone flute in F#.  The birds are made of Cedar. It has the dual mouthpiece which makes it easy to change from a drone to a single flute while playing. The sound is rich and the wood is extremely beautiful.

Eastern Aromatic Cedar Drone. Available in all keys. Each flute is different. I use only hand-select wood.

All keys are available in Birds-Eye Maple and Eastern Aromatic Cedar.

Be advised the D Drone is big. Around 30" long, 3" wide and 1 1/2" thick. It can weigh as much as two pounds. Also the Em drone is not as big, but is around 26" long. The furthest finger holes are around 1 3/8" apart with the holes getting progressively closer as you move north up the flute. They're both a stretch for most hands. Neither the Dm or Em drones are recommended for beginners, small or stiff hands. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. crowflutes@aol.com

If you want to hear the how the different drones sound, click on the Key Signature i.e.  F#m  just in front of the price. This will hook you up with the sound file which your media player should be able to stream for you.

Purchase Bird's Eye Drone in Gm $295.00 Listen to the Natural Gm Drone or listen to the same sample with Reverb (canyon sound)
Purchase Bird's Eye Double Inlaid Drone in Gm  $349.00 Listen to the Natural Gm Drone or listen to the same sample with Reverb (canyon sound)
Purchase Bird's Eye Drone in F#m $295.00
Purchase Bird's Eye Double Inlaid Drone in F#m $349.00
Purchase Bird's Eye Drone in Em $349.00
Purchase Bird's Eye Double Inlaid Drone in Em $399.00
Purchase Bird's Eye Drone in Dm $395.00
Purchase Bird's Eye Double Inlaid Drone in Dm $449.00
Eastern Aromatic Cedar Drone Gm $295.00 Listen to the Natural Gm Drone or listen to the same sample with Reverb (canyon sound) 
Eastern Aromatic Cedar Drone in F#m $295.00
Eastern Aromatic Cedar Drone in Em $349.00
Eastern Aromatic Cedar Drone in Dm $395.00
Bubinga Drone in Gm $295.00
Bubinga Double Inlaid Drone in Gm $349.00
Bubinga Drone in F#m $295.00
Bubinga Double Inlaid Drone in F#m $349.00
Bubinga Drone in Em $349.00
Bubinga Double Inlaid Drone in Em $369.00

Click here to Order Drone from this site with my order form. You can specify the flute you want at the bottom of the order form as the Drones are not actually in the form as a selection. Don't worry, I'll see your request.

Don't be afraid to call with your request. We can discuss your needs over the phone and I'll get started on your instrument. Toll Free (888)778-3688 or 520-322-9811.

Pictured, you see the unique mouthpiece which facilitates changing from playing the double to playing as a solo flute. The raised portion plays the melody section of the flute. A good customer and friend suggested this shape to me. I have found that it is easier to play the melody side with confidence as a solo instrument and less chance of adding the drone when I wish to leave the drone side mute. When I wish to add the drone, it's a simple and quick matter to adjust the airflow into the second hole. The shape of the mouthpiece is basically the same on all the drone flutes.

PS: If you'd rather have a flat mouthpiece, specify your request and I'll be more than happy to  make it plain.

Drone Gallery

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