Claro Walnut Indian Flutes in Em & F#m

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Native American style flutes by Laughing Crow (Richard Maynard)

Flutes in the Native American Style created by a musician for the musician.


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I've just discovered Claro Walnut and have decided to use it for in the construction of the Native American flute. "What is Claro Walnut?" It's actually a species of Walnut that is native to the US. It is sometimes called California Black Walnut, California Walnut, Southern California Walnut and Claro Walnut. The Walnut that this flute is made from was intended to be made into a guitar. However, your intrepid flute maker, Laughing Crow, happened upon this piece and figured it would make some nice flutes.

The bird is of Amboyna burl. I've inlaid the top of the bird to match the inlay on top of the flute.

This particular Walnut is softer and produces a more mellow tone which is conducive to meditation and relaxation. This instrument has six coats of the acrylic polyurethane which gives outstanding protection from physical hazards as well as from moisture and U/V rays and subsequent deterioration.

The first series of photos are of the Em Claro Walnut Indian Style Flute. You can listen to this flute by clicking here.



You can listen to this Em Claro Walnut Native American Style Flute by clicking here.

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Below is basically the same flute in F#m. You can get a better look at the inlay and the Amboyna burl bird in these photos.  Yes, those colors in the wood are real. The Claro Walnut generally comes from walnut orchards in California where generally English walnut is grafted to the roots of the indigenous walnut trees. The indigenous root stock can survive more readily in the California soils whereas the English varieties historically did not fare so well. In this way the farmer gets the hardy roots of the local trees combined with the delicious nuts from the English trees. This practice leads to some interesting grain where the two species are joined. These trees have lived a long and productive life providing food and now, they live again to bring Joy to us, the flute lovers. Listen to the F#m Claro Walnut flute that is shown in the photos below by clicking here.


You can listen to this F#m Claro Walnut Indian Flute by clicking here.

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Em Sample

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