Claro Walnut Inlaid Em in the style of Native American Flutes

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Native American style flutes by Laughing Crow (Richard Maynard)

Flutes in the Native American Style created by a musician for the musician.


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Claro Walnut. It comes from California. Claro means "clear" in Spanish. English Walnut is grafted to the trunk of the local Walnut trees in California because the roots of the English Walnut cannot thrive in the California soil. We have the joining of two Walnut species to give the strength required of one's roots and the sweetness of the other's nuts to bring the rewards of the different worlds combination. After the trees have lived out their lives, the wood is harvested and turned into the lumber that is used to create these dark and brooding instruments. The Claro Walnut is softer than the American Walnut and produces a somewhat richer, deeper tone. The finish that I use is soaked into the wood to give it stability and more clarity in tone. When one first looks at this wood, it seems dark and somewhat uninteresting. However, once the finish is applied and the instrument is held out into the light, one can see the marvelous figure and color in the grain. It is subtle and one must take a few moments to appreciate the beauty of this remarkable wood. I have laid a strip of inlay along the top to accent the beauty of this wood.

Like the subtleness of the grain, the tone of this instrument is also subtle and somewhat dark. This flute was so close to the fundamental of E after it was created, that I did not have the heart to cut it shorter to make it into an F#m flute. It seemed that it wanted to be in E and so, was left in E. This instrument is very musical and playable. The person who finally acquires this flute will find that it will play all of the notes in both the Em pentatonic scale as well as the G-major scale accurately, smoothly, cleanly and without effort. If you want a soft, mellow tone, this flute has it. If you want to play "out" with energy and gusto, this instrument will deliver. She is a versatile flute. I feel that one who is a good musician and who appreciates the inner beauty of the wood will be more than satisfied with the performance of this flute. Of course, I'll let you be the judge. You can hear the "dry" version of this instrument by clicking here, or you may listen the the "wet" reverb enhanced version of the same clip by clicking here.

Thank you for taking the time to check out Laughing Crow's handiwork. If you desire to possess this instrument, the opportunity presents itself below the photographs.



Purchase this Claro Walnut Inlaid Em Flute by Laughing Crow $395.00 SOLD 
My Em flutes run a little long. This is due to the 1" bore size which, in my opinion, gives a fabulous tone for this key. The flute is around 26" long overall and the holes on the south end are around 1 3'8" apart. If your hands are small or stiff, this flute may be too long for you. It is not for the beginner. However, if your hands are flexible and your fingers aren't too short, I feel that you will be enthralled by the beauty and the tone of this instrument. Of course, if for any reason you are not happy with any Laughing Crow Flute, you may return it for a full refund of the purchase price. (Shipping is not refundable.) Thanks again for perusing Laughing Crow's web site.

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