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Native American style flutes by Laughing Crow (Richard Maynard)

Flutes in the Native American Style created by a musician for the musician.


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 Welcome to Laughing Crow's entry level flute, the Back Pack Native American Style Flute in F#m & Gm, Am & Cm.

Introducing the optional mouthpiece. If you don't wish to have the original "open" mouthpiece, I am now offering for $2.00 the option to have yours made with a tubular mouthpiece. This piece can be removed for cleaning purposes. See below for details. This mouthpiece is unpainted for sanitary reasons.

Hi Richard,
This is a great flute!  I'm really impressed.  I like it as much as most of the wood flutes I have.  Maybe it's the key.  I don't know, but I love it!  Thanks, Keith

The Native American Style Back Pack or Beginner Flute is offered in addition to my line of fine wood Native American style flutes. If you're a beginner and aren't ready to spend a lot of money to join the hundreds of thousands of people who joyfully follow the N.A. flute path, then this is a good way to get started. If you already have a flute or flutes, this is a handy traveling companion to add to your collection. The sound is very good, the flute is indestructible, light, easy to carry and concert tuned to the key of F# minor, G minor, A minor and C minor.

I employ the same skill and craftsmanship in making these economical, beautiful sounding, accurately tuned instruments as I do when making my fine wooden flutes. Constructed of PVC pipe and painted with lead-free non-toxic coatings, this instrument will provide you or that budding student with a lifetime of the soothing, haunting tones found in the Native American flute. The F#m flute is approximately 21" long and has a 1" outside diameter. The finger holes are 1 1/2" apart at the south end to 7/8" at the north end. Most average hands will fit this flute. The flutes get shorter with the higher keys with the Cm being the shortest and highest in pitch. The mouthpiece is an open design incorporating the slow chamber which makes the Native American flute sound so good. Each flute comes with a free fingering chart to get you started on the path enjoyed by so many of us flute lovers. If you want more concise and detailed instructions, I recommend the book, "Understanding the Gift" which can be ordered below.

The Laughing Crow PVC Native American style backpack flute is made from the same PVC that's used in millions of homes for water pipes. I've heard some wild stories about this plastic being "bad". If this is so, then millions and millions of us are in jeopardy as we are drinking and bathing in water that passes through pipes made from Schedule 40 PVC, which is the stuff from which these flutes are made. However, I am going to believe that this plastic is inert and safe. Especially used in this context. Also, I avoid leaving paint on the surface that contacts one's face or lips. So, in short, as long as no one tries to eat one of these PVC flutes or use it as a weapon, I honestly believe they're perfectly safe to use.

This Native American style back pack flute is remarkably easy to play. No difficult embouchure (translates "fancy lip work") is required to get a tone from this Native American style flute. Just place the mouthpiece to your lips and begin by blowing gently for the best tone. Follow the included simple instructions to play the Native American Pentatonic scale and you can be improvising in no time. Of course, if you wish to have more thorough instruction, I offer the method book "Understanding the Gift" by John Vames which comes with a CD that accompanies and explains the lessons and songs in the book. You can read more about it by following this link to the "method book" page.

Unsolicited testimonials from some of my customers:


Got my backpack flute today and I'm very pleased with it.  I look forward to performing with it at our local jam sessions, where I also play ocarina and blues harmonica. 

This model is the best deal on the net, and because of this I kept my expectations low.  There was no need for that, because this flute is an excellent product.  The notes are right on, and it sounds great slow or fast.

To anyone on the fence, buy it.  You won't regret it.
To anyone learning flute, buy it.  You won't break it.
To anyone learning music in general, get this and some of the sheet music on the site.  Dedicate some regular time to it, and you'll amaze yourself.  Cheaper than piano lessons and a lot less tedious.

I'll look forward to buying more cool stuff from Laughing Crow Flutes in the future. 


Lexington, KY

I received my backpack flutes in the mail this week.  They're awesome!  I played each straight out of the box (I ordered one in each key), and the tone on each is great, especially for someone who doesn't want to or can't spend a lot of money, but still wants to play and enjoy this unique music.  I play a variety of other instruments, and I'm so excited to add these to my collection and to learn more about Native American music by playing these great flutes.  Thank you so much!


Just wanted to let you know I received my flutes the other day. They are amazing! The backpack flute was much sturdier and durable than I thought it would be! I'm sure it could double as a self defense weapon while out backpacking, and sounds great to boot! Thanks again, I will definitely be coming back to you for my next flute purchase.
Thanks again,

You can get started playing the Native American flute or add a durable, indestructible flute to your collection to take along on those journeys where your fine wooden instruments are best left in the safety of your home or studio. Links to samples of the flutes are found below:

 All samples are in mp3 format. Order one today and slip it into your backpack, suitcase or trunk to take on your next trip to your favorite playing spot.

Light Granite Backpack Flute. Painted with a lightly textured beige stone paint, this flute has a natural look and feel.

Light Granite BackPack Flute
Choose your Key from the Drop Down List
Add Mouthpiece $2.00

The "Electric Blue" BackPack flute is finished with metallic undercoat and a clear blue topcoat. An outstanding color for the individual looking for something that makes a statement. Or maybe you're like me and blue is your favorite color!

Electric Blue BackPack Flute
Choose your Key from the Drop Down List

Add Mouthpiece $2.00

Similar to the Light Granite BackPack Flute is the Dark Granite BackPack Flute. Again, a slightly textured stone finish is applied to this flute to give it a natural look. PVC never looked or sounded so good!

Dark Granite BackPack Flute
Choose your Key from the Drop Down List
Add Mouthpiece $2.00

The fourth offering in the durable, concert tuned BackPack Flute is this Dark Mahogany piece. Finished with three coats of paint. An undercoat of primer is followed by a light dusting of metallic gold and top coated with a clear red finish. This piece has a dark red metallic Mahogany look.

Mahogany Red BackPack Flute
Choose your Key from the Drop Down List
Add Mouthpiece $2.00

And last, but not least, I offer the unpainted backpack flute for those of you who prefer no finish. Still the same flute, but without any coatings. Just the writing that comes on the tubing.

Unpainted BackPack Flute
Choose your Key from the Drop Down List
Add Mouthpiece $2.00

Example of a Light Granite BackPack flute incorporating the optional mouthpiece

Purchase Mouthpiece Separately $2.00 Note, may not fit previously purchased Granite finished BackPack flutes. Some sanding of original open mouthpiece may be required to remove enough finish for the mouthpiece to fit.


I received my flute the other day.  I just wanted to say thanks for offering an inexpensive way to introduce folks to the magic of Native American Music.  I have always been drawn to the sounds of the N.A. flute when I would hear it.  Now I have found a way to learn to make that beautiful sound for myself.  I practice everyday, using the book and CD. (Understanding the Gift)  I hope one day I will be able to share the peaceful sounds I have learned, with my friends.  Thanks again,   Tina

If you've been "on the fence" about acquiring a Native American style flute, this opportunity will help you to make up your mind and finally take the step to find out what all the wonderful "fuss" is about. Go ahead and take the plunge. Purchase your concert tuned backpack flute made by master flute maker Laughing Crow today and get in on the fun!

Don't forget the felt bag to carry your flute!

Order Felt Flute Bag  $5.00

The perfect accompaniment to any Native American flute is this method book "Understanding the Gift" by John Vames. Inside this concise book you will find the keys to unlock the secrets of all the techniques you hear the recording artists use in their music as well as a CD so you can hear the lessons as well. Every step is explained thoroughly on paper and by John on the accompanying CD. You will learn how to make that "pop" sound, vibrato, trills and all the other embellishments used by well-known artists such as R. Carlos Nakai, Robert Tree Cody and the rest, including yours truly, Laughing Crow. Learn more about the book here.

Purchase Understanding the Gift  $29.95
A note about "concert tuning". What does it mean? It means that this flute is tuned in my studio (A=440) to the Native American Pentatonic scale sometimes referred to as "Mode 1". This means that you can play along with another instrument or group of players that are in the same key and you will be in tune with them. These flutes will also play the relative major scale. The F#m plays A-major and the Gm flute plays Bb-major, the Am plays C major and the Cm plays the D# major scale. Some half holing is necessary to bring the top note up to pitch for the relative major scales. As with all NA flutes, you can regulate your intonation or tuning by using breath control. Softer breathing into the flute will lower the pitch while blowing with a little more force will raise the pitch.

Also, don't forget that I offer music on CD and other music books for inspiration and ideas for playing the Native American Flute.

Above is pictured a group of young musicians playing among other instruments, the BackPack flutes by Laughing Crow. I want to thank Karen Doyle for supporting Laughing Crow Flutes and bringing the magic of the Native American flute to the children of Katherine, Australia and allowing me to post this photo here. What a wonderful group of children. What a fabulous teacher!


 I received the flute and CD today. The flute is exactly what I expected from you...GREAT! This is the perfect flute for any occasion. Be it a serious flute player to the person that wants to find out if an Native American Flute is for them. It shows your quality, dedication and passion to make any flute you make worthy of your name. This PVC flute has an excellent sound and is just right for some one like my self who doesn't want to take their prized wood flutes any where that they might think that something might happen to them. It would be perfect to take on vacation whether traveling in a car or on a motorcycle. I have seen other PVC flutes on line for much more money and you can bet the farm that they would not stand up to yours in sound or looks. Another great job by a very fine gentlemen. Thank you again.
Mike Mosby

Hi Richard,

A quick line to let you know the backpacking flute arrived in the mail this morning and I'm absolutely delighted with it. The famous triangular toblerone box had been crushed in transit, but the sight that will chill my stomach if it had been a wooden flute didn't matter with the all but indestructible backpacking flute inside it! The simple and effective design is fantastic and the sound....I can't believe this only cost $27.95!

Thank you for making it for me!


Mark McBride


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