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Native American style flutes by Laughing Crow (Richard Maynard)

Flutes in the Native American Style created by a musician for the musician.


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Understanding the Gift by John Vames      
"Understanding the Gift" $29.95     &     "Song for Koko $27.00"            

(See below for descriptions.)

Purchase Understanding the Gift  $29.95
Song for Koko  $27.00

"Understanding the Gift"

A 104 page instructional text including 25 sheet music scores for the 6-hole Native American flute with a companion 39 track CD.
Itís a comprehensive guide and permanent resource for all students of the Native American Flute. All instruction is offered in a pleasant, concise and easy to understand language and format for learning to play. It is a Book that will answer a large and growing demand for a text and CD to benefit all of the following:
The Beginner who has little or no experience playing a musical instrument,
The Intermediate player who wants to fill in gaps and add to his or her knowledge of how the Native American Flute works, how music works, and how to put the two together
The Advanced player who wants to teach others how to play but up until now did not have a clear-cut format to do so.

Part 1 includes chapters with information on:
Finger Control, Breath Control, Embouchure, Tonguing and Slurring, The Native American/Pentatonic Scale, How to Create your own melodies, Ornamentation, Lessons on Duration, How to read printed music and Tablature, The Major scale including analysis, Useful scales for developing technique, confidence and creativity, Care of the Flute, How to Practice successfully, Glossary of Terms, Understanding Pitch and Rhythms, and Subject Index.

Part 2
includes 25 songs:
Native American, Traditional, Folk, Contemporary and Original in written tablature and performed in the CD.

About the Author:
John Vames has been teaching and playing music professionally for over 30 years. All the ideas and suggestions in "Understanding the Gift" have been tested in private lessons and class sessions. There are more than 500 students playing Native American Flute today who are living proof that the materials in this book work! It will work for you!

Cost: $29.95

The best teaching book "on the planet" for the Native American Flute.


Description Price
"Understanding the Gift" by John Vames $29.95
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Purchase Understanding the Gift  $29.95



"Song for Koko"

Are you "stuck in a rut" with your songs? Need some new inspiration to get your creative juices flowing in a more productive and rewarding direction? John Vames has written just the thing for you. He has compiled this book of jazz melodies complete with CD to teach you to play and improvise in the Jazz style.

Testimonials from people who have taken advantage of this source of inspiration.

"The exercises are excellent; the accompanying CD clear and helpful; the 
musical material fun.  I'd been messing around on my own for quite a 
while and had figured out enough basics to fake it for short periods 
but didn't know how to expand my reach.  Vames' book took what I'd 
intuited and put it into a structured and systematic frame that will 
make it possible to do in a few months what might otherwise have taken 
me years to achieve. Without  it, I certainly would never have gotten 
much beyond the point I'm at right now. He makes explicit things about 
rhythm that I'd felt but couldn't articulate either in language or in 
music. I find that liberating."

"John Vames' new book KOKO is written with enthusiasm (I can hear John speaking through the words) and the cd is clear, instructive.  I am already up to track 17 and finding out I know more then I thought I did...and that I finally get it." 

"I have a copy of John's Understanding the Gift and recommend it to beginners who come to me wanting lessons.  Now KOKO is a welcome addition to my music library and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO TRAVEL INTO NEW MAGIC WITH THE NAF."



If you enjoyed " The Native American Flute: Understanding the Gift", 
                                     Song For Koko"  is a must have! 

    Includes:  74 pages, with Four easy to follow lessons , and Ten Original Jazz
                          tunes arranged for Native American Flute, PLUS
                         Interactive 44 track Audio CD demonstrating it All!


Description Price
"Song for Koko" by John Vames $27.00
 Order "Song for Koko" from this website  Order W/PayPal           
Song for Koko  $27.00


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