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Native American style flutes by Laughing Crow (Richard Maynard)

Flutes in the Native American Style created by a musician for the musician.


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Now, doesn't this look more comfortable than stretching your arms as far as they'll go to play a really big flute?

Introducing the "Side Blown" N.A. flute for a more comfortable playing position with a large bass flute. Still the same principal as the end-blown N.A. flute. No complicated embouchure is required. This design is available for the larger flutes upon request. Extra charge may apply.

This Bass A flute is made from what was a single piece of eight quarter Mesquite. The wood came up from Mexico, as trees big enough to obtain a piece of Mesquite this clear are almost impossible to find in this country any more. The tree was harvested after it had completed an extremely long life span.


This unique bass flute is constructed from Mesquite with Bubinga end caps, a Walnut mouthpiece and an Eastern Cedar bird and Turquoise cabs added to accent the natural beauty of the wood. It is finished with ten coats of Marine Spar Varnish to protect the wood from moisture and UV rays.

It possesses a a deep, resonant tone and is very forgiving, unlike some bass flutes that require diligence with breath control. If you've been wanting a Bass Flute, but just didn't have the arms for it, this could be the answer. The finger spacing remains the same as with my other standard Paduak Bass A flute. It's a BIG flute. Not for small hands. Finger holes are 1 5/8" apart to 1 1/4" apart. However, the flute is much more comfortable to hold and the contoured spacing of the finger holes make them much more easy to seal. (For right-handed players.)

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