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Native American style flutes by Laughing Crow (Richard Maynard)

Flutes in the Native American Style created by a musician for the musician.


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My goal is to create flutes that are not only beautiful to look at, but rewarding to play and hear.  Each Plains style flute is individually crafted and tuned to provide the best tone quality.  I have included samples of each flute so that you may judge for yourself.  This site is best experienced with Internet Explorer 6.0which is available at Microsoft.com or Netscape Navigator available at Netscape.com .  If you have any difficulties viewing the site or listening to the flutes, I would appreciate your input.

The answer to my most frequently asked question.

"How did I get started on the flute path?", people ask. When I was a small boy, my hometown in the Piney Woods of East Texas had a large lumber mill and our house was close by. Every morning at 5:15am a series of whistles would blow to wake up the mill workers. Whoever blew these whistles would play the most haunting melody which seemed to last for an eternity. I used to try with all my might to sleep through this concert as it would frighten me, as a young boy, to hear the eerie harmonies that floated through the surrounding town and forests.

As I grew older I became used to this morning serenade and didn't think much of it any more. After being away from my home town for a couple of decades I was reminded of the feelings I used to have as these melodies wafted through the dawn. Thus began my search rekindle the deep feelings and emotions that only these kinds of haunting sounds can bring forth.

I discovered similar harmonies and melodies in the Native American flute music of Coyote Oldman. I began to collect their music and my collection began to expand to include the works of other artists as well. Later, I received a flute as a gift and began to learn to play this spiritual instrument. Being naturally curious and a "tinker", I just HAD to find out how these things worked. I attended a one-day class on Native American flute-making in which the students each carved their own flute. From then on I was hooked.

The playing and making of these flutes has become a passion in my life that has helped me come more in contact with my spiritual side and given my life a meaningful purpose. This purpose is to share the deep spiritual goodness that is felt when one listens to the beautiful sounds these flutes make. I feel this music awakens some part of our soul that lies deep inside. I believe that it calls to a part of us that hearkens back through the mists of time and stirs emotions that come from forgotten places inside ourselves.

Laughing Crow Flutes is owned and operated by myself, Rick Maynard.  These Native American style flutes are made from Cedars and  hardwoods. I have been making, playing and selling my flutes, full time, since 1999. My desire is that everyone who owns a Laughing Crow Flute can find the same peace and fulfillment that I have found.

One happy customer, a music teacher at the Claremont Community School of Music comments in a letter "I am having a wonderful time playing the flute you made.  It brings much joy and peace.  I can hardly wait to see my recorder students this week and share your beautiful instrument with them."

Link to http://www.littleleaf.com/ to find a plethora of information on the N. A. Flute.

Contact Information

You may  e-mail me at CrowFlutes@aol.com.  My phone # is (520)322-9811. Go ahead and leave a message if you get my voice mail. I return calls promptly unless I am out of town doing a show. In that case your call will be returned upon my arrival.

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The description, "Native American flute" refers to a particular type of musical instrument and does not imply, in this instance, that it was made by an enrolled member of a federally-recognized tribe. Richard Maynard claims no affiliation with any American Indian tribes or organizations. These instruments are made in the spirit of and respect for Native music.

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